Why You Need A Purse On Your Big Day

Apart from the many questions brides have, to carry or not to carry a purse seems to be taking an important turn. Some would downright ignore it and focus only on the wedding dress and shoes, but some wedding planners and designers actually recommend a bride carrying one. It seems to be an important question brides are thinking about these days as it has become a popular question on bridal forums of late. So why would anyone need wedding clutch bags? Some say that it is strictly for the bride’s mother or may be even for the guests, but experts suggest that it is not a bad idea for the bride to have one of her own as well. There will be few things that a bride would need to have a round in an emergency or just to feel fresh, as this is going to be a long day. So having a small carryon to include some of the essentials would not go a waste. So a purse with the following or at least of few of them would be a great for a bride.

  • Your cell phone- no matter how well planned, there are some things the bride will have to handle herself on her big day
  • Tissue paper or blotting paper- these are essential for balmy and hot days to blot out sweat or makeup smears.
  • Lipstick or lip balm – having to keep smiling all day can sometimes hurt and this can remove your lipstick and create dry lips too so carry that lip balm around.
  • Safety pins – these are lifesavers if some accident happens to the dress or even the shoes. It would also be worthwhile to carry some matching thread and needle as well.
  • Flip-flops – now usual flip flops will not fit in reliable clutches, but there are modern foldable or flexible flip flops that easily fit in a purse, so packing a pair would greatly aid your feet.
  • Aspirin: there is no prediction that your day will go without a headache. Stress and even plain excitement can cause a mild headache so best to carry a few aspirins around as you do not want be sickly on your big day.
  • Stain removers – nowadays there are handy pen sized removers that can be used to erase wine stains and makeup smudges.

There are many types of small purses to choose from, and if you do decide to carry one, why not select one that is a bit different to your bridal dress colour, after all it should not only be fit for a one off event. A silvery metallic colour or a feathery pouch would be perfect, or think of something bold with accents that can make a statement even after the wedding.

Tips On Having A Christening For You To Consider

You might be looking at having a christening for your child. There are several factors that you have to look into in order to make sure that the christening takes place. You will have to plan the venue as well as the food items you will need. Think about the church carefully as to where you want to christen your son or daughter. It is a great way for you to get the whole family together. Here are some tips on christening for you to carefully consider:
RESERVE THE CORRECT SERVICEYou must reserve the service once you know as to where it must happen. Try to talk to the vicar about the arrangement. You must find out the service and whether you want it to be held on a Sunday. Certain churches might ask you several questions like the names of the god parents and certain details about the faith. Make sure that you do not omit the christening bomboniere in Australia which is a crucial part of the service. PICKING THE CORRECT GODPARENTS You must pick the godparents you like. Some might have strong beliefs and others moderate ones. They will be able to guide your child in the correct part to righteousness. You must pick them based on how close they are to you as well as your family. Make sure that you draw a list with the names that you are considering.
PURCHASE A GOWN Look into the gown that will look good on your son or daughter. It is great if you do have a gown which is long in either white or even cream. Try to look a flower girl dresses at antique stores which will sell them at a great price. There are many other department stores which sell them too but they might be rather expensive. You must go through several christening sites to find the one you do like. This way you might be able to acquire a discount. Make sure that the christening bomboniere matches the outfit.
PLAN IT PROPERLYYou must plan the event in such a way that it starts and ends on time. You must ask all your guests to show up on time at the venue. This can be either 10 minutes before it begins. You might not be the only person at the event so make sure that the vicar does plan the schedule. A great service is one which will be printed in a large sheet with a few words from the god parents. The entire service must last only around 30 minutes. Remember to plan well ahead to make it a great experience for the family!

How To Personalize Your Style

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Building a personal style from scratch can seem intimidating if fashion is not your field of expertise. However, a personalized sense of style can help keep you from overspending on fast fashion and impulse buys once you manage to figure out your style profile. Knowing beforehand what will most suit your personal style means that the additional fashion related purchases that you make will be filling a necessary gap in your wardrobe and building up a sense of style that will correspond to the image that you want to project to the world. With that in mind, here are some areas where you can develop a unique sense of fashion. 

Statement pieces

Showcasing a sense of personal style with statement pieces needs a bit more selectivity and planning when it comes to making a purchase. For instance, statement making pieces of jewellery such as engagement rings Sydney can be customized to suit your style and preferences instead of having to resort to traditional pieces.

You have the option of going to a jeweler that offers custom made jewellery and requesting engagement rings inlaid with either diamonds or colored gemstones according to your preference. Custom made jewellery can contribute to your nascent style profile as well as add a fair bit of individuality to your overall look. Additionally, spending on a unique piece means that you develop a signature look that would help you build a minimalistic wardrobe and ensure that you need only a limited number of accessories in order to look fashionable.

Curate inspiration

Your personal sense of style can take some uncovering, and sites such as Pinterest can help you in this. Make a mood board of styles that speak to you on a personal level and try to figure out the basics that constitute your style. If there are looks in your stash of inspiration that you think would suit you, begin by imitating the outfits that you see before narrowing down the components that you especially prefer or mesh well with your developing sense of style. When considering outfits, pay attention to silhouettes that would look flattering on you in addition to the colours and styling techniques that would contribute to your personalized sense of style.

Curating inspiration in this manner would also help you develop more minimalistic shopping habits since it would make it easier for you to figure out exactly which specific pieces are need to complete your wardrobe and style, so that that you will not have to shop aimlessly for pieces that might or might not contribute to a coherent personal style.